Genetic Modification of Cheeses

Single Gloucester cheese, a full fathard type, is shown here being made on a British farm. Milk is heated in the tub, then rennet is added. An hour later the curds and whey are separated with a long curd knife.
The curd is cut into square blocks. They are turned frequently to increase acidity, which will improve the flavour of the cheese. The turning process lasts for at least half an hour. The whey has been drained off and will be fed to pigs.

The blocks of curd are crumbled and spread in the tub. Salt is spread over the levelled curd. Salting helps to bring out the flavour of the cheese. It also acts as a preservative and slows down the development of acidity.
The curd is packed into a mould or vat lined with muslin cheesecloth. The mould, which contains and shapes the cheese, may be made of steel or wood, so long as it is strong enough to withstand the considerable force put on it by the press.
The cheeses are subjected to pressure in the press, which squeezes out the liquid and compresses the cheese. Single Gloucester is pressed for five days — the times for other hard cheeses vary.
During pressing, the cheeses are turned every day, and the cheesecloth is changed. When the pressing is finished, the last cloth should be dry because all of the water has been squeezed out.

Each cheese is wrapped in a bandage of cheesecloth sealed with a flour-and-water paste. This prevents the cheese from spreading, drying out or cracking while it is ageing, and protects it in transit.
Single Gloucesters mature for about eight weeks, and must be turned every day. The ageing process is necessary for all hard cheeses, and the time can be up to two years for sharp Cheddars.



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