Science of Genetic Modification 

The intersection between science and value assessments comes quite vividly in the topic introduction and must be a motif that the Science Review has to consider - who decides what is harmful to ecosystems and what isn’t? In this topic we believe the review process should take a better approach – by not attempting to determine whether GM crops will be bad or good for the environment, but to examine a selection of options.


Comparative evaluations

In setting the criteria for the assessment, there should be a broad consultation with stakeholders and the general public. Such an approach could intersect and inform the financial strand better where comparative evaluation has to be done. In preparation for the discussion about the outcomes of the farm-scale assessments, the review should examine the extent to which dependable extrapolations in scale and time could be made.

Additional questions

How much can large agricultural evaluations be depended on to detect ecological effects of growing herbicide-tolerant crops? During what period do environmentally significant changes take place and how likely is it that these would have been detected by the FSEs?

What blanks are there in our knowledge about environmental functioning and how do these alter prediction?
What are the comparative environmental effects of organic, integrated pest management, traditional and GM herbicide tolerant systems?

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It is hard to know what to think with regard the issue of genetically modified foods. While there does seem to be a general consensus reached over the years of ongoing debate, in the minds of many significant doubt remains. It is vital therefore for each individual, whether it be for their own sake or that of their children, to arm themselves with all the available information that surrounds the subject before reaching a conclusion regarding what is best for them. Here at the History of GM Nation website we hope to provide you with that information. Please contact us if you have any questions.