Diet information

People on a raw food diet eat only raw, uncooked food. There are several people who find this quite difficult (often because of social constraints), so they opt for a 75-99% raw food diet. Restaurants and hanging out with friends make it difficult. Most raw foodists are vegetarian or vegan but many eat raw fish and meat. The advantages of a high-raw or all-raw diet are evident:

  • Loss of weight
  • Diseases disappearing
  • Heightened energy
  • Improved happiness

The actual food eaten by raw foodists varies considerably, apart from those who enjoy a balanced raw diet, there are natural hygienists, sproutarians, fruitarians and living foodists. Most raw foodists eat a high-ratio organic or wild food in the understanding that traditional food is more dangerous and weaker.

Celebrity proponents

Dr Gillian McKeith, the TV hygienist, is a living foods proponent. Jason Vale (The Juice Master) also believes that raw foods and juices should make up a substantial proportion of our diet. Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore and Alicia Silverstone all love the raw food diet because these foods are cleansing, full of energy and life.

They help people evade disease linked to the Standard UK Diet (SUKD) and Standard American Diet (SAD). As our government continues its healthy eating campaign, let's consider looking to nature to get it right.
If you don’t wish to stop eating cooked foods, then make the choice to cut out microwaved foods and to have at least half of each meal made up of raw food.

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On this website you will find the history of that public debate, plus a guide not only to the findings of various scientific studies into the subject, but also the results of the public debate itself, all set out for you to enable you to make an informed decision for yourself.

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Live longer run further

If you're looking to live longer than perhaps this time to join the gym. Vitamins and bodybuilding supplements are all very good but without physical exercise and conditioning of your body, the stresses and strains we put on ourselves can easily take their toll. Perhaps joining a gym can seem too onerous, the range of barbells funny machines running machines can seem like a maze to the new beginner. One solution is to employ a personal trainer to show you round show you the ropes.

It is hard to know what to think with regard the issue of genetically modified foods. While there does seem to be a general consensus reached over the years of ongoing debate, in the minds of many significant doubt remains. It is vital therefore for each individual, whether it be for their own sake or that of their children, to arm themselves with all the available information that surrounds the subject before reaching a conclusion regarding what is best for them. Here at the History of GM Nation website we hope to provide you with that information. Please contact us if you have any questions.